Pearl re-stringing specialist

Creation, Restoration, Repair of any jewels in pearls or stones

We create / restore customized jewels according to expressed desire.

We string / re-string any model of jewel (necklaces, long / short, bracelets and belts)
wathever materials and styles are,
cultured pearls, fine pearls, Tahiti pearls, sweet water pearls, gemstones, jade, turquoise, fantasy, ethnic ...

We repair, restore your jewels created with string or cable,

With rendez-vous, we can realise re-stringing work in front of you .

Creation, the Restoration, Reparation of any jewels in pearls or stones
We realize the creation of your jewel personalized from your expressed desire.
It is in the wide range of forms, of the necklace in one row in weavings,
twists, the most complex braids that we bring all our know-how of tradition,and our inventiveness.